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Undergraduate Programs

Economics is the study of how to critically evaluate problems and make well-reasoned decisions. As such, the Economics major is particularly well suited to prepare you for the career challenges you will face in the twenty-first century by helping you develop important skills, including the ability to apply a general framework of analysis for solving "real-world" problems, conduct mathematical and statistical analysis, work with data to address specific issues, and effectively communicate, in written and oral form, with others.

The mission of the Department of Economics is to provide its students with the premier undergraduate education in Economics in the State of Illinois. Our faculty members are committed to helping you achieve your academic potential and are constantly exploring new ways to enhance student learning. The curriculum is highlighted by a senior project required of economics majors that gives each student an opportunity to work with an individual faculty member on a research project selected by the student. Looking for a simple and immediate way to reconnect with other Econ Alums or sharing news and thoughts with current students?

A student can earn either a B.S. or a B.A. degree in economics. The major offers students the flexibility to select a set of courses that simultaneously satisfy the requirements of the major while focusing on a specific area such as business or pre-law. In addition, students pursuing the Honors designation have the opportunity to work collaboratively with a faculty member on a substantial research project.



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