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Grants & Awards

Faculty in the Department of Economics are eligible for a variety of internal grants and awards. Many of these awards are made possible through generous contributions by alumni and friends. Follow the link provided below for detailed information and application forms.

  • Scott M. Elliot Cross-Disciplinary Pilot Program

    The Elliott Cross-Disciplinary Program is a multi-year endeavor funded by the generous contribution from Scott M. Elliott, 1985 alum of the Department of Economics. The Pilot Program will provide interdisciplinary research teams with initial funds to conduct preliminary research with the objective of a grant submission for external funding from government agencies and/or foundations in the amount of at least $100,000.

    Proposals must be received from teams of at least two faculty members. All faculty members are invited to participate regardless of employment status (tenured, tenure-track, or NTT). Additionally, faculty members from all Colleges are welcome to submit proposals with the stipulation that at least one faculty member from the Department of Economics is an active member of the research team. Possible research areas are cultural economics, health economics, economics of technology and innovation, economics of education, agricultural economics, to name just a few of the many potential research areas.

    The pilot grant program funds are intended to provide the most flexibility to the respective research teams to maximize the potential for successful completion of the preliminary research and grant submission. Funds from the pilot grant program can be allocated towards equipment, supplies, software, databases, travel support, course buyout, and/or stipends as outlined by the research team in their proposal and budget request. The maximum amount of the pilot grant award is $15,000 per research team.

    Value of the award: up to $15,000

    Application Deadline: January 15

    Document Links: Award Guidelines
    Application Form

  • James V. Koch - Economics Advisory Board Faculty Development Award

    The Department of Economics at Illinois State University maintains a commitment to the pursuit of lifelong learning and continuous professional development. The Koch - Advisory Board Faculty Development Endowment was established to encourage and support meaningful opportunities for the professional development of faculty members.

    One award of a budget-justified amount may be made each year with the maximum award determined by the availability of funds. The recipient must be a tenured or tenure-track faculty member who has not received the Faculty Development Award in either of the preceding two years. Proposals may be from individuals or teams within the Department. Funds may be used to support travel, equipment, or other operating funds including student help, payable from May 15 of the year of the award through June 30 of the following calendar year.

    Value of the award: $1,500

    Application Deadline: March 25

    Document Links: Award Guidelines

  • Chrizmar Ostrosky Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Award

    The endowment funding this award was established to honor the exemplary careers of Dr. John (Jack) Chizmar and Dr. Anthony (Tony) Ostrosky as professors in the Department of Economics at Illinois State University. The goal of this award is improved undergraduate learning. Each faculty candidate for the SOTL Award must be or have:

    a demonstrated history and current standing as an outstanding teacher based on internal and/or external recognition of her/his teaching by colleagues and/or students as well as the actual use of best practices that contribute to student learning. a scholarly teacher approaching teaching as a professional role that can be improved, has a knowledge base, should be data driven and evidence based, requires innovation and risk-taking, utilizes collaboration with or feedback from colleagues, and involves faculty development related to teaching and learning. engaged in the scholarship of teaching and learning (SOTL) defined, at Illinois State University, as the systematic reflection and study of the teaching and learning of our students made public. Evidence of SOTL work would include multiple presentations and/or publications of SOTL work in Economic education or Economic SOTL conferences or publication outlets and/or interdisciplinary SOTL conferences or publication outlets. Value of the award: up to $1,000 (subject to availability of endowment funds) Application Deadline: March 25.

    To Apply: Submit current curriculum vitae and documentation of SOTL activities to the Department Chair.

  • Scott M. Elliott Faculty Excellence Award

    The Faculty Excellence Award has been established to recognize the outstanding contributions of a faculty member over the preceding three calendar years. This award is made possible through a generous gift in 2006 from Scott M. Elliott, a distinguished graduate of the Undergraduate Program in Economics.

    One award may be made each year with the amount determined by availability of funds. The recipient must be a tenured or tenure-track faculty member who has completed at least two academic years as a faculty member at Illinois State University and has not received the Faculty Excellence Award in either of the preceding two calendar years.

    Applications will be evaluated based on research productivity, teaching performance, and service contributions over the preceding three calendar years. The award may be granted on performance across all of these categories of activities or on excellence in any one category. Selection will be based on the professional significance of these activities, including the long-term contribution to the Department’s stature or well being.

    Value of the award: $1,500

    Application Deadline: March 25

    Document Links: Award Guidelines.

  • About Application Forms

    The application forms are in PDF format. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader which can be downloaded for free at the following address: