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Applied Econometrics Workshop

reggie_and_friendsGraduate program alum Kan Yue will present “Estimating Import Quality: Do Countries Agree on Rankings?”.  The research workshop will be Thursday December 8 at 12:35 to 1:50 in Williams Hall Room 313.




Career Paths in Economics

stevensonISU econ alums Monalisa Kulkarni, M.S. ’16, (State Farm) and Ruisha Zhang, M.S. ’14, MBA ’15, (WDIA at ISU) will be speaking on Wednesday, November 30, from 12:30-1:30 p.m. in Stevenson Hall, room 401A .  The Department of Economics welcomes and encourages all interested persons to attend the event to learn about local careers established by some of our fellow Redbirds. Pizza and drinks will be provided.

Fall Research Seminar

wmsKevin Sylwester of Southern Illinois University will present “On the Duration of Empires” on Thursday, November 10.  Seminar will be in Room 313 of Williams Hall, 12:35 – 1:50 pm.


October Luncheon Event

jmoThursday, October 6 (12:30 to 1:30pm, STV 401) UWE-hosted special event for econ students and others considering econ as a major.  Julie Oost, Vice President for Regulatory Affairs & Contracts with Peerless Network Inc. (and ISU Econ Alum) will discuss your possibilities with an econ degree.  Please join us, pizza and soda provided.


2016 Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences

h_and_hOliver Hart (Harvard) and Bengt Holmstrom (MIT) for contributions toward our understanding of contracts.  Through their research they have developed contract theory, a framework for analysing diverse issues in organizational design, outsourcing, incentive-based compensation, insurance payment structures, and privatization of public-sector activities.


Promoting Undergraduate Success

isu_grad2Do advising and information interventions in introductory economics courses make a difference in choice of major, retention in the major and overall academic success?  Learn more about ISU’s role in the Undergraduate Women in Economics Challenge funded by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation through the National Bureau of Economic Research.


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