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Students should verify their specific Advance Registration date and time on iCAMPUS. The University Registrar's Web site identifies the dates for Advance Registration, and for Residual Registration and Program Change (see Important Dates). Students should register during Advance Registration for a wider selection of open courses.

Meeting with the Undergraduate Program Director is not required to register. Students should be able to plan which courses to register for by consulting the information in the Department's Undergraduate Web pages and students' Undergraduate Catalog. For additional information, check our Advisement page.

If advisement is needed, schedule an appointment with the Undergraduate Program Director before Advance Registration. To schedule an advising appointment with the undergraduate program director, visit the Economics Department office in STV425 or call them at 438-8625. The department office keeps the director's schedule.

Students should complete the following steps in order to register:

  1. Print Progress Toward My Degree from iCAMPUS (or pick up a current Academic Progress Summary in Moulton 107),
  2. Review the graduation requirements identified in the appropriate Undergraduate Catalog, Requirements for the Major, and Hypothetical Course Schedules for required and suggested courses.
  3. Register for classes on the assigned date and time during Advance Registration. Classes fill up quickly, so complete registration as early as possible.
  4. If an ECO course is closed and you would like to request an override, use the online override request form. If a non-ECO course is closed, contact that specific department.