Dr. Susan Chen

Associate Professor
Undergraduate Program Director
  • Professor Chen is an Associate Professor and the Director of Undergraduate Program in the Economics Department. Professor Chen joined the Department of Economics at Illinois State University in 2008, after completing graduate studies at the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University and serving as an Assistant Professor at the University of North Dakota.
  • ECO 343.Sec 001 Competition and Managerial Strategies
  • ECO 299.Sec 001 Independent Honor Study
  • ECO 287.Sec 001 Independent Study
  • ECO 300.Sec 002 Senior Project
  • ECO 291.Sec 001 Undergraduate Teaching Experience In Economics
  • ECO 238.Sec 001 Using Regression & Econometric Methods
  • Managerial Economics, Game Theory, Microeconomics Theory, Business Statistics, Industrial Organization, Econometrics
  • Industrial Organization, Applied Econometrics, Applied Game Theory and Strategy, and E-Commerce
  • Ph D Business Economics and Public Policy - 2005
  • Kelley School of Buisness - Indiana University
  • Bloomington, Indiana
  • MA Business Economics and Public Policy - 2003
  • Kelley School of Buisness - Indiana University
  • Bloomington, Indiana
  • "The role of pregnancy health problems on maternal smoking behaviors​." (with Dimitrios Nikolaou). ​2018, Applied Economics.Forthcoming.

    "Demand Shocks, Airline Pricing, and High-Speed Rail Substitution: Evidence from the Chinese Market" (with Feng Wei and Lan Zhang).​ 2017, Journal of Transport Economics and Policy,  51(4), 266-289.

  • “Do Exclusivity Arrangements Benefit Consumers?” (with Qiang Fu). ​Journal of Regulatory Economics. 2017, 51(3), 311-339.

    “Firm Efficiency, Advertising and Profitability: Theory and Evidence” (with George Waters), The Quarterly Journal of Economics and Finance. 2017, 62, 240-248.

    “Consumer Search, Market Characteristics, and Price Dispersion: New Evidence from the Prescription Drug Retail Markets.” Managerial and Decision Economics. 2015, 36(8), 545-558.

    “Bidder Asymmetries and Revenue in Second-Price Auctions” (with Maochao Xu). Journal of Economics and Finance. 2015, 39 (3), 625-640.

    “Price Volatility and Contract Maturity: Evidence from an Online Futures Market for Sports Tickets” (with Xiaoyong Zheng). Eastern Economic Journal, 2014, 40(1), 56-70.

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    “Do Countercyclical-Weekend Effects Persist in Online Retail Markets?” (with Jeffery A. Livingston and Patrick A. Scholten), Electronic Commerce Research and Applications, 2009, 8(4), 174-181 (Lead Article).

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  •  2017 Annual Allied Social Science Associations (ASSA)/American Economic Association (AEA) Meetings. "Professional Achievements and Gender Differences: Tracking the Economics Ph.D. Class of 2008"

  • Pregnancy Complications and Maternal Smoking Behaviors. Southern Economic Association, New Orleans, November 2015.

  • The Scott M. Elliott Cross-Disciplinary Pilot Grant Program
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  • 2018
  • Faculty International Travel Grant
  • Illinois State University
  • 2017
  • CAS Interdisciplinary Initiative Grant
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  • Institute for Regulatory Policy Studies Research Grant
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  • Pre-Tenure Faculty Initiative Grant
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