Department of Economics at Illinois State University Department of Economics at Illinois State University Department of Economics at Illinois State University

Past Seminars

Fall 2010

  • Babur de los Santos, Indiana University
  • Per Fredriksson, University of Louisville

Spring 2010

  • George Waters, Illinois State University
    "Quantity Rationing of Credit and Involuntary Unemployment and the State of Macroeconomic Theory"
  • Andrea Beller, University of Illinois
    "The Decline in Females in Consumer Economics"
  • Lea Kosnik, University of Missouri at St. Louis
    "From Cournot to the Commons: An Analysis of Regulatory Property Rights"
  • Lia Noguiera, University of Illinois
    "Food Import Refusals: Factors Affecting Refusals in the United States and Trade Diversion Effects in the European Union"
  • Xingyuan Zhang, Visiting Professor at Illinois State University
    "A Survival Analysis of Patent Examination Requests by Japanese Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers"

Fall 2009

  • James M. Sallee, University of Chicago
    "Using Loopholes to Reveal the Marginal Cost of Regulation: The Case of Fuel-Economy Standards."

Fall 2008

  • Xingyuan Zhang, Okayama University (Japan),
    "Patent Citations, Technology Diffusion and International Trade: Evidence from Some Asian Countries and Regions"
  • Rajeev Goel, Illinois State University
    "Publication Uncertainty and Academic Research Behavior" ( with J. R. Faria from University of Texas at El Paso)
  • S. Lippert, Massey University (New Zealand)
    "Venture Capital Syndication and Termination of Viable Projects" ( with S. Fabrizi from Massey University)
  • Diego Mendez-Carbajo, Illinois Wesleyan University
    "Academic Salary Compression at Public Universities in Illinois"

Spring 2008

  • Dan McMillan, University of Illinois at Chicago,
    "Teardowns and Hedonic Land Value Fiunction Estimation Using Non-Sample Data"
  • T. Scott Findley, Illinois State University,
    "Does it Pay to be SMarT?"
  • Shantanu Bagchi, Utah State University,
    "Does Overconfidence Explain the Consumption Hump?"
  • Oz Dincer, Illinois State University,
    "What's God Got to Do With It?"
  • Chris Ellis, University of Oregon,
    "Democratic Errors"
  • Jeffrey Mills, University of Cincinnati,
    "How to Test Hypotheses If We Must"

Fall 2007

  • Carlos Garriga, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis,
    "Optimal Response to a Transitory Demographic Shock in Social Security Financing?"
  • George Waters, Illinois State University,
    "Learning, Commitment and Monetary Policy: The Case for Partial Commitment"
  • Eric Uslaner, University of Maryland,
    "Where You Stand Depends Upon Where Your Grandparents Sat: The Inheritability of Generalized Trust"
  • James Payne, Illinois State University,
    "'We Got Game and Some!' Efficiency in the WNBA: A Stochastic Production Frontier Approach with Panel Data"
  • Michael Brun and Marianne Ferber, University of Illinois,
    "What Impact Do Women in Government Have on Policy and How Do These Policies Affect Women and Men?"

Fall 2006

  • William Hoyt, University of Kentucky,
    "State Laffer Curves? Income Taxes and the Destination of Movers to Multistate MSA's"
  • Jim Koch, Old Dominion University
    "The Influence of Religion, Moral Values and 'Gay Marriage' Votes on the 2004 Election"
  • Darren Lubotsky, University of Illinois,
    "Kindergarten Entrance Age and Children's Achievement: Impacts of State Policies, Family Background and Peers"

Fall 2005

  • Ronald Harstad, University of Missouri - Columbia,
    "Rational Participation Revolutionizes Auction Theory"
  • Anthony Pennington-Cross, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis,
    The Impact of Local Predatory Lending Laws"
  • Sherrilyn Billger, Illinois State University,
    "Reconstructing School Segregation: On the Efficacy and Equity of Single-Sex Schooling"
  • Ardeshir Dalal, Northern Illinois University,
    "Alpha Countries and International Economic Policy"

Spring 2005

  • Juha Seppala, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,
    “Monetary Policy and the Term Structure of Interest Rates”
  • Neil Skaggs, Illinois State University,
    "The Delayed Acceptance of the Theory of Money and Finance in Development Economics"
  • Brad Humphries, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,
    "Proximity Benefits and Voting on Stadium and Arena Subsidies"
  • Wojciech Olszewski, Northwestern University,
    "A Welfare Analysis of Arbitration"

Fall 2004

  • Pavel Kapinos, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,
    "Endogenous Shocks in the New Keynesian Model"
  • Karie Barbour, Illinois State University,
    "The Effects of Motor Vehicle Wealth Taxes on Vehicle Age Distributions and Emissions"
  • Steve Ziliak, Roosevelt University,
    "The Standard Error of Regressions in the American Economic Review"

Spring 2004

  • Kevin J. Murphy, Oakland University,
    "The Impact of Unemployment Insurance Taxes on Wages"
  • Jan K. Brueckner, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,
    "Friendship Networks"
  • Sherrilyn M. Billger, Illinois State University,
    "Principals as Agents? Investigating the Impact of Accountability on the Compensation and Performance of School Principals"
  • Michael Brün, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,
    "Entrepreneurship, Prophecy, Bubbles: A Complicating Aspect of Market and Non-Market Economic Systems"

Fall 2003

  • Todd Elder, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,
    "An Evaluation of Instrumental Variable Strategies for Estimating the Effects of Catholic Schools"
  • Raymond Cohn, Illinois State University,
    "The Transition from Sail to Steam in Immigration to the United States"
  • Julian Jamison, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University,|
    "Evaluation and Aggregation of Discounting Procedures"
  • Richard MacMinn, Illinois State University,
    Katie School of Insurance On Corporate Risk Management and Insurance
  • George Waters, Illinois State University,
    "Regime Changes, Learning and Monetary Policy"
  • Emek Basker, University of Missouri at Columbia,
    "Selling a Cheaper Mousetrap: Wal-Mart's Effect on Retail Prices"
  • Bengte Evenson, Illinois State University
    "Evaluating the Determinants of Open Space Provision: the Political Economy of 'Smart Growth'"

Spring 2003

  • Daniel McMillen, University of Illinois at Chicago,
    "Airport Expansions and Property Values: The Case of Chicago O'Hare Airport"
  • Elizabeth Powers, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,
    "The Impact of Public Health Insurance on Children's Health and Well Being: Evidence from the 1990s"
  • Hassan Mohammadi, Illinois State University,
    "Cyclical Behavior of Real Wages: New Evidence Using Historical Data"
  • George Waters, Illinois State University,
    "An Evolutionary Game Theory Approach to Rational Expectations"
  • Risa Kumazawa, Univ. of Texas at Austin, Visiting at Illinois Wesleyan University,
    "The Effects of Heterogeneity of Marital Status on Welfare Participation"

Fall 2002

  • Hoyt Bleakley, MIT, Visiting at Univ. of Chicago,
    "Disease and Development: Evidence from the American South"
  • Andy Toole, Illinois State University,
    "Does Public Scientific Research Complement Industry R&D Investment? The Case of NIH supported Basic and Clinical Research and Pharmaceutical Industry R&D"
  • Saku Aura, University of Missouri at Columbia,
    "Uncommitted Couples: Some Efficiency and Policy Implications of Marital Bargaining"
  • Kevin Hallock, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,
    "Does Managed Care Change the Mission of Nonprofit Hospitals? Evidence from the Managerial Labor Market"
  • Leemore Dafny, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University,
    "How do Hospitals Respond to Price Changes?"
  • Daniel Rich, Illinois State University,
    "Skill-Biased Technical Change in U.S. Manufacturing: A General Index Approach"
  • Darren Lubotsky, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,
    "Chutes or Ladders? A Longitudinal Analysis of Immigrant Earnings"