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Spring 2014
Friday, February 28 (STV 434, 2pm-3:30)
Brian Phelan, DePaul University
“Task Mismatch and the Reemployment of Displaced Workers”

Thursday, April 10 (Williams 112, 11am-12:30)
Virginia Wilcox-Gok, Northern Illinois University
"Family Labour Supply Effects of Psychiatric Morbidity in Older Family Members"

Spring 2013
Friday, April 12
Caleb Lewis, Northern Illinois University
“Peer Effects and the Importance of Behavioral Responses in the Classroom”

Monday, April 15
Irina Panovska, Washington University in St. Louis
“What Explains the Recent Jobless Recoveries?”

Wednesday, April 24
Andrew Chupp, Illinois State University
“Signal Detection Theory and the Evaluation of Economic Forecasts with Application to Forecasting Electricity Prices”

Fall 2012
Wednesday, September 26
Carl Campbell , Northern Illinois University
"Efficiency Wage Setting, Labor Demand, and Phillips Curve Microfoundations"

Wednesday, October 10
Mindy Mallory, University of Illinois
"How Market Efficiency and the Theory of Storage Link Corn and Ethanol Markets" (article)

Spring 2012
Wednesday, February 29
Barrett Kirwan, University of Illinois
"US Food Aid, Conflict, and Economic Development"

Wednesday, March 21
Adrienne Ohler, Illinois State University
"Do Wealthier States Invest More in Renewable Energy?"

Wednesday, March 28
Haizhen Lin, Indiana University
"The Impact of the Partnership Long-Term Care Insurance Program Coverage and Medicaid Expemditures"

Fall 2011
Wednesday, September 28
Rick Gretz, Bradley University
"Network Effects in the Video Game Industry"

Thursday, October 20
Daniela Puzzello, Indiana University
"Experimental Economics"

Wednesday, December 7
David Figlio, Northwestern University
"School Accountability and Household Mobility"

Spring 2011
Friday, February 18
Matthijs Wildenbeest, Indiana University
"Consumer Search and Prices in the Automobile Market"

Wednesday, March 23
Kirabo Jackson, Northwestern University
"A Stitch in Time: The Effects of a Novel Incentive-Based High-School Intervention on College Outcomes."

Monday, March 28
Denvil Duncan, Indiana University
"Tax Progressivity and Income Inequality"

The Economics Department seminar series provides an opportunity for presentations of current research in economics and related disciplines. Speakers include our own faculty as well as guests from other Universities. Past Seminars have have focused on research in a variety of fields including labor economics, public policy, urban economics, health, development, economic history, and education.

A more casual Applied Econometrics Workshop has been convened on an irregular basis to explore topics of mutual interest (with particular emphasis on data issues and econometric techniques) and to provide early feedback on work-in-progress.

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