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Rati Ram


Office Address: STV 429
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Economic Development, Human Resources, Cross-Country Studies
Selected Publications:

“Irreversible Investments: A Cost-Benefit Perspective,” with Rajeev Goel, in R.J. Brent (ed.), Handbook of Cost-Benefit Analysis, JAI Press, forthcoming.

“Income Inequality and Cigarette Consumption: Evidence from the United States,” with R. Connelly (student) and Rajeev Goel, Applied Economics Letters, forthcoming.

“Demand for Cigarettes in the United States: Effects of Prices in Bordering States and Contiguity with Mexico and Canada,” with R.T. Connelly (student) and Rajeev Goel, Applied Economics, forthcoming.

“Sensitivity of Individual Income Tax in the United States, “ Public Finance/Finances Publiques, forthcoming. 

“Parametic Variability in Cross-Country Growth Regression:  An Application of Quantile-Regression Methodology”, Economics Letters, 2008, 99(2), 387-389.

“R&D Spending and Economic Growth in the United States:  A Disaggregated Approach” with Rajeev Goel and James E. Payne, Journal of Policy Modeling, 2008, 30(2), 237-250.

“Educational Attainment and HIV/AIDS Prevalence:  A Cross-Country Study” with M. Lakhanpal (student), Economics of Education Review, 2008, 27(1), 14-21.

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