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Hassan Mohammadi


Office Address: STV 430
Office Phone: (309).438.7777
Office Hours: T&R 2:00-3:00 or by appointment
Email: Contact Hassan Mohammadi (hmohamma)
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Teaching Schedule:
Course NumberSectionCourse NameTimeRoom NumberCourse Links
ECO215.01Money and Banking MTWR 08:00 - 10:50STV 0434
ECO490.01Seminar in Economics   
ECO492.01Graduate Readings in Economics   
ECO498.11Professional Practice,Coop/Internship in Economics   
Teaching Interests:
Applied Econometrics and Time Series Forecasting, Research Methods, Macroeconomics
Research Interests:
Open-economy Macroeconomics, Applied Econometrics, Energy Markets
PhD Economics, Washington State University, Pullman, WA, 1988;

M.S. Economics, University of Idaho, Moscow, ID, 1981;

B.S. Political Science, College of Social and Political Science, Iran, 1977;
Selected Publications:


“School resources, family characteristic and student performance: Evidence from secondary school entrance exam in Turkey,” (with P. Akkoyunlu and M. Seker), Education and Sciences  35, 2011.

 “Forecasting Hourly Electricity Prices using ARMAX-GARCH Models:  An Application to MISO Hubs”, (with E. Hicky and D. Loomis), Energy Economics, 2011;

 “Fiscal Policy and the Current Account; New Evidence from four East Asian Countries”, Applied Economics Letters, 2012, 19, 167-173, (with G. Moshrefi);

"Market Integration and Price Transmission in the U.S. Natural Gas Market," Energy Economics 32, March 2011, 227-235;

 “Oil-Prices and Exchange-Rate Relations: Tests of Dutch Disease Hypothesis Using TAR and MTAR Models” 2010, Journal of Economics and Finance, (with M. Jahan-Parvar);

International Evidence on Crude-Oil Price Dynamics: Applications of ARIMA-GARCH Models, Energy Economics 32, September 2010, 1001-1008, (With L. Su);

“Oil Prices and Real Exchange Rates in Oil-Exporting Countries: A Bounds Testing Approach”,  Journal of Developing Areas, Fall 2011, 309-318 (with M. Jahan-Parvar);

 “Electricity Prices and Fuel Costs: Long-Run Relations and Short-Run Dynamics,” Energy Economics, Volume 31, Issue 3, Pages 503-509, 2009

“Oil Prices and Competitiveness: Time series Evidence from Six Oil Producing Countries”, Journal of Economic Studies 36, 98-118, 2009; (with M. Jahan-Parvar);

"Long-Run Relations and Short-Run Dynamics among Coal, Natural Gas and Oil," Applied Economics, Volume 43 Issue 2, 129, 2009;

"Wagner's Hypothesis: New Evidence from Turkey Using the Bonds Testing Approach," Journal of Economic Studies 35 (1), 2008 (with Murat and Demet Cak);

"Capital Mobility and Foreign Debt Sustainability: Some Evidence From Turkey," Applied Economics 39, 2007, 2441-2449 (with Dement and Murat Cak);

Turkish Budget Deficit Sustainability and the Revenue-Expenditure Nexus", Applied Economics, 40(7), April 2008, 823-830; (with Jim Payne and Murat Cak);