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Faculty Emeriti

Ray Cohn

(Ph.D. University of Oregon) continues to pursue research in Economic History and he is the author of the 2009 Cambridge University Press book Mass Migration Under Sail: European Immigration to the Antebellum United States. He has published his work in the Journal of Economic History, Explorations in Economic History, International Journal of Maritime History and has been invited to give presentations at the Economic History Association, Northwestern University, Indiana University and the University of Chicago. He taught International Economics, American Economic History and Principles of Economics at Illinois State University.

Jack Chizmar

(Ph.D. Boston College) recieved the Illinois State University Teaching Award, the university's highest teaching award. Professor Chizmar's research appeared in the American Economic Review, Economic Inquiry, Journal of Economic Education, and Economics of Education Review. From 1981 to 1991, he served in administration at Illinois State University, first as the Assistant Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, then as Acting Associate Provost, and finally as Associate Vice President for Business and Finance.

Jack Chizmar

Lon Carlson

(Ph.D. University of Illinois) served the Department as Undergraduate Program Director and taught courses in environmental economics, law and economics, and principles of economics. His research on environmental economics and economics education has appeared in several outlets including Natural Resources Journal and the Journal of Economic Education. He also held positions at Argonne National Laboratory and the U.S. General Accounting Office, and has worked as a consultant for a number of government agencies.

Virginia Owen

(Ph.D. University of Illinois) served as Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences from 1982 to 1993 following a term as Chair of the Department of Economics. Her research on cultural economics, management of non-profit enterprises, and economics of higher education appeared in the Journal of Cultural Economics, Nonprofit Management and Leadership and Essays in Economic and Business History. Professor Owen also served on the Board of Directors for the Cultural Economics Association International and on the Board of Trustees for the Illinois Council on Economic Education.

Anthony Ostrosky

(Ph.D. University of Pittsburgh) recieved the Illinois State University Teaching Award, the alumni association Distinguished Teaching Award, the freshman honor society Favorite Professor Award, and the Outstanding MBA Faculty Award. Professor Ostrosky directed study abroad programs and taught economics at the University of Adelaide, Nanzan University, Salzburg College and the Bank of Tokyo. His research interests and publications are in the areas of Economic Education, Mathematical Economics, Sports Economics,and Demography.

L. Dean Hiebert

(Ph.D. University of Wisconsin) taught courses in microeconomic theory, managerial economics, and public utility economics. Professor Hiebert's research on the microeconomics of uncertainty, public utility pricing, and insurance markets appeared in several economics journals including the American Journal of Agricultural Economics, Journal of Industrial Economics, Southern Economic Journal, and the Journal of Risk and Insurance. He served as Co-director of the Institute for Regulatory Policy Studies bringing public policy makers, business leaders and academic experts together for workshops on topics of current policy concern.

David Ramsey

(Ph.D. University of Minnesota) served as Chair of the Department of Economics at Illinois State University from 1991-2002. His research in Public Finance, State and Local Finance, Macroeconomics and Economics Education appeared in the American Economic Review, National Tax Journal, Economics Letters and Journal of Economic Education. He wrote "An Evaluation of the Illinois Individual Income Tax" for the State of Illinois Tax Reform Commission and provided budget leadership for the Bloomington 2000 Vision Committee and the 2000 McLean County Regional Comprehensive Plan.

Daniel Rich

(Ph.D. University of Houston) taught courses in labor economics, organizational economics, individual and social choice, and the graduate research workshop.. His research appears in the Review of Economics and Statistics, International Economic Review, Journal of Econometrics, Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, and other academic outlets. Professor Rich led the Workforce Data Integration and Analysis project, a joint venture with the Illinois Department of Employment Security, and served as executive education faculty for the Northwestern University Transportation Center.

Ram Das Singh

(Ph.D. Indian Agricultural Research Institute) is the author of Economics of the Family and Farming Systems in Sub-Saharan Africa: Development Perspectives (Westview Press, 1989). His research on economic development, human capital, agriculture and household economics has appeared in Economic Development and Cultural Change, Public Choice, World Development, the Journal of Development Studies and Kyklos. Professor Singh received the College of Arts & Sciences Outstanding Researcher Award for the Social Sciences in 1993.

Neil Thomas Skaggs

(Ph.D. Duke University), taught Money and Banking, History of Economic Thought, Intermediate Macroeconomics, and Principles of Economics. His research specialty is the history of monetary economics and his work has appeared in the Canadian Journal of Economics, History of Political Economy, Southern Economic Journal and Public Choice. He has published numerous articles on the development of British monetary theory and policy in the nineteenth century and currently is working on a monograph that traces the influence of the ideas of Henry Thornton.